Jackson Dairy Farm is a part of North Carolina history. In 1806, 100 acres of land on the Bee Tree Branch in northern Sampson County was deeded to William Jackson, Jr. The land has never left the Jackson family, neither has their love of land, crops, cattle and producing quality farm products. Times changed and technology advanced - not always for the better. Jackson's Dairy is a modern, state of the art production facility. However, due to our belief in the all natural concept, we choose not to use hormones on our dairy cattle or herbicides on the crops that we feed them. We employ more natural production methods.

Jackson's Dairy produces all natural, Pure Fresh Milk and dairy products, as well as fresh strawberries. Our label stating milk from non rBST treated cows is the first and only label registered with the NCDA and DEHNR making this claim. In the event sickness or injury should occur and medication is recommended by a trained veterinarian, the cow is isolated from the rest of the herd and milk is discarded twice as long as the FDA recommended discard time to be sure you have the purest product available. Unlike most of the competition, all milk produced for PURE FRESH dairy products is from cows owned, fed, cared for and milked daily on the Jackson family farm. Milk produced today is pumped directly to our plant for pasteurization and delivered to your store in less than 24 hours. No competition can compare. Most raw milk is transported for many miles and several days before processing and packaging-its freshness and origin are unknown.

PURE FRESH products are approved for IMS shipment. Our milking and processing facilities are IMS rated for use and shipment anywhere in the United States.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order,  please call us 910.567.2721, fax us 910.567.2921, email us, or use our online request form.





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